Why? A pretty frilly toilet seat cover will brighten the smallest and smelliest room in the house.

A friend gave me the very Australian, very seventies book HANDCRAFTS by Aussie Crafter extraordinaire, Kit Harris as a gift a couple of years ago. This book was in my clutches for months, it contained so many projects for around the house that you could never have dreamed you would need in a bazillion years. If there was a household item that stood still for a minute Kit would find a fancy way to cover it. She shared how to make vinyl covers for your iron (least likely material to choose for the task, I know I know),  a poodle bottle cover, dollies in a large fancy dresses to cover anything from spare toilet rolls to your mix master, covers for coat hangers, covers for toilet deoderant, covers for your door stops and even a cover for your electric fryingpan (another vinyl number).

I do recall as a child seeing homemade toilet seat covers in a grandparent’s  toilet, but my memories are vague. So taken with Kit’s amazing crafty creations I decided to make the toilet seat cover as a gift to my friend in return for providing me with such a treasure of style inspiration.  As a tribute to the lost art of fancying up your toilet I thought I would share the process. I actually published this tutorial back in 2009 on the previous Stylopath blog. Oh yes it was popular. I am still getting requests (tee hee hee) so I am popping it back up for everyone to enjoy.

Guaranteed to make your guests visits to the loo a memorable one. Time to bring back this seemingly lost but not forgotten style accessory. For those prepared to spend some time creating something special for someone you care about they make a fabulously quirky gift. For maximum effect these little babies should be made with an older toilet in mind, but there really are no rules. You like what you like.

Make Your Own Frilly Toilet Seat Cover (138)

Some of you maybe interested to know I also made the Poodle Bottle Cover. I taught myself to crochet for that one. It was so worth it. But that’s a whole other story.

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